COVID-19 update, March 25: 

Child support payments, unemployment and new job options:

     We realize that there are several businesses temporarily closed and lots of people out of work. However, there are also new jobs being created which desperately need to be filled during this time. You can find an ongoing updated list of places hiring here:…/Businesses-hiring-in-NE-Kansas-56908…


    Also, many of you will qualify for unemployment. When you get your unemployment payment each week we STRONGLY encourage you to continue making payments because this is a debt that will continue to grow. It will never go away until it is completely paid in full. You can call our office to find out what your weekly payment amount is. We do NOT expect you to pay the entire monthly amount out of one check. We're pretty reasonable like that.

     You can be proactive in helping yourself stay on top of support AND help get money to the other parent FOR YOUR CHILDREN which is so desperately needed during these times because many of those parents find themselves out of work too! It is all of our jobs to make sure the children get what they need--It is your job to help make sure YOUR children get what they need. And remember, these payments MUST go through the Kansas Payment Center to be credited to your account.

Call our office with any questions you may have or to report a new job! (785) 235-0400.

COVID-19 Update March 18:   

Currently, our office is closed to the public but we are still available by phone. Your payment options include paying by credit/debit card over the phone with our office or paying by credit/debit card online at Kansas Payment Center.   Please check back regularly for any updates or changes.  You can check the court's status at 

Office hours: 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Thursday

8 A.M. to 4 P.M. on Friday


There is a 3.5% fee added on to your payment for this service

Marc White, J.D. is the District Court Trustee for the 3rd Judicial District, Shawnee County. The District Court Trustee’s office is responsible for enforcement of all Shawnee County support orders which are not Title IV-D cases enforced by the State of Kansas, Department of Children and Family Services. These include cases in which the Residential Parent is not currently receiving cash or financial assistance from the State of Kansas and those who have elected to have our office enforce their support order.

The Trustee has the ability to pursue all civil remedies in establishing and enforcing payments of support. Remedies include, but are not limited to: Withholding of State Tax Refunds (upon request), Hearings in Aid of Execution, Orders to Appear and Show Cause, Liens, License Restrictions, Income Withholding Orders and Garnishments.

The District Court Trustee does not represent you. No attorney-client relationship or duty is created between a custodial parent or non-custodial parent and the Office of the District Court Trustee.

If we do not currently enforce your case and you would like us to, please contact our office and we will be happy to discuss this option with you.


We strive to offer the best service to all, whether it be the residential or non-residential parent. Our commitment to the enforcement of support orders and to delivery of quality customer service is unparalleled.


We look forward to establishing and nurturing a partnership with you in the enforcement of your support obligation. 

Record Keeping

Our office maintains a record of all support payments and arrears in cases enforced by our office. Copies of these records will be provided to attorneys and parties in the case upon request.

Helpful Links

See our Blog page for Frequently Asked Questions. 

**If you already have a case in our office, please call the office and speak to your caseworker at (785) 235-0400**

If you would like to transfer your case to our office, you can call our office or email us by using this form. Please make sure to include your case number and the name of the person who is ordered to pay support:

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